These are the extruding machines. 4 sets of them has a daily output of 10 tons, including monofilament, split film, and danline. The industrial grade of our monofilament can reach 7.5 grams per denier tenacity.

We have 400 sets of braiding machines. all of them are high speed with technology from Spain and Germany. With good automaticity and stability, one set braiding machine can produce 3-5 times of products than a traditional one. The annual capacity can reached 4000 tons. Products are widely used at industry agriculture, transportation, marine fishing, and daily life.

Pre-braided Machine (16 sets)
案例名称: Pre-braided Machine (16 sets)
说明: Braided Rope Machine Factory
Braide Machine
案例名称: Braide Machine
说明: Braided Rope Machine Factory
2,930 Tons/year Braided Machine (179 sets)
案例名称: 2,930 Tons/year Braided Machine (179 sets)
说明: 2,930 Tons/year Braided Machine Production Line (179 sets)
Tridimensional Storehouse
案例名称: Tridimensional Storehouse
说明: Tridimensional Storehouse
Sample Room
案例名称: Sample Room
说明: Sample Room
Extruding Machine
案例名称: Extruding Machine
说明: Extruding Machine Factory
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