We have six quality controls to inspect all the process every day, and they will report every 4 hours, only qualified products can be moved to next step.

Pre-twisting processing is very important for twisting ropes. So we choose the most popular machines in China, to make sure the quality.

After pre-twisting, we start making twisted ropes with 120 sets advanced machines, we can make ropes with diameters from 2-50mm. The Annual production capacity can reach 5000 tons.

All the products will be packed in our assembly line, and the qualified products will be moved into our 15,000 cubic meters of three-dimensional storage shelves.

Product & Quality Control
案例名称: Product & Quality Control
说明: dfd
Standard Operating Procedure
案例名称: Standard Operating Procedure
说明: Physical laboratory
Material Control
案例名称: Material Control
说明: Material Control1
Product Control
案例名称: Product Control
说明: Product Control
Quality control
案例名称: Quality control
说明: PC will make producting plan and product as plan
Product and Material Control
案例名称: Product and Material Control
说明: Product and Material Control
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