We Trust-K Cordage Manufacture Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional rope and twine factory located in Shandong, China. 

Products have been sold to over 20 countries, and are widely used in agriculture, industry, hardware market and marine fishing area. 


Popular items are as following:

Twisted Rope by Nylon, Polyester, PP/PE, Poly Danline, Polydac, Sisal, Jute, Cotton 

Braided Rope in Diamond Braided, Solid Braided, Double Braided, Hollow Braided, 

Twisted Twine by Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, sisal, jute, and cotton,

Braided Twine by Nylon, Polyester, and polypropylene

Dock line, Anchor line, Battle rope and Paracord 550


High-tech machinery helps us to expand the product line. Experienced engineers can adjust the processing according to DIN and CI standard. 

Good training system plays a good role in improving employees skills.

We also developed an ERP system to control the in and out of all material, accessory, semi-products and finished products.

No products can go to the next step without the confirmation of QC engineer.

Trust-K is always willing to answer your questions and expand business together! 

Here you will never get lost, because Trust-K is where trust deserves.

120.00 M
Registered capital  
773 Number of employees  
1996 Established in  
3326 Ownership  


A professional Rope Manufacture

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Braided Rope , Twisted Rope and Twine

What we have

Braided Rope , Twisted Rope and Twine

2 plant (more than 10000 square meter)

40 containers per month

Owened ERP system

SOP system

What we service

Homedepot, Walmart and so on

See our procucts everywhere,

widely used in outdoor, family life,

agriculture and industrial

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